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Artist: Altered States & Laura Bayston

Song: A Girl and Her Gun


Based on the short film, 'A Girl and Her Gun' by Shunk Films - this music video interwines footage from the original film and an escapism world for the young girl.

Artist: Henry Maybury

Song: You're Beautiful


'You're Beautiful focuses around the ideology that nobody is perfect, regardless of their background or sex - but everyone is beautiful in their own right. The main theme is about self-acceptance.

The Video features the famous war veteran Simon Weston OBE and Only Fools and Horses star John Challis (Boycie).

Artist: Henry Maybury

Song: Lost Days


Lost Days contains a short film within itself as it follows the relationship between a struggling alcoholic and his family.


This Music Video was created to educate the public about how alcohol abuse can affect any one/family and we need to make the world aware of this growing problem.​

Artist: Henry Maybury

Song: Every Night and Day


Two years have passed since we first shared a previous music video 'Lost Days - which gained an awareness of over 1 million views on YouTube; 'Every Night and Day' follows on from this story and incorporates some of the footage.

Artist: Henry Maybury

Song: Don't Let Me Go


A Zero Budget Music Video filmed for Henry Maybury's charitable trust. All shot within Shrewsbury Prison.

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